Maphoitsile murder case back in court

Taung Magstrate Court

Picture: (Taung Magistrate Court)


A MURDER case against Maphoitsile man from Taung, Boitumelo Seoposengwe will resume on August 15 for sentencing. Seoposengwe will appear in Taung Regional Court after he allegedly killed his son, Remoratile Sehemo, 5, back in 2015 during Christmas Eve.

Seoposengwe was ordered by court to undergo psychiatric check-up. Taung Regional Court wanted to test the mental stable of the suspect before they could hand down the sanction.

South African Civic Organisation regional secretary in Dr Ruth Mompati region, Mika Moeti said they were satisfied so far how the case was handled. Moeti added that even though it was taking long, justice will be served at the end.

“The suspect allegedly hanged his own son during the Christmas Eve at his house back in 2015. The relationship between Seoposengwe and his girlfriend soured and that prompted him to commit murder. We urge people to make use of institutions available than opting to murder,” Moeti said.

Seoposengwe allegedly went to fetch his son under the false pretence that he wanted him just for Christmas holiday visit. He allegedly hanged Remoratile in his back room. Remoratile body was found by one of his friend and informed the family.



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