SAPS women celebrate with disabled pupils


SOUTH African Police Service Women’s Network from Taung in visible policing unit visited Sebitlwane Special School in Lokaleng village, Taung on Monday. Captain Irene Molatlhegi said they visited the school in conjunction with Taung Agriculture department.

“The aim was to celebrate Women month and teach these children their rights. We also handed over sanitary pads to girl pupils at the school. The school caters for children with special needs around Taung and its surrounding villages. We want to encourage the school to promote open communication channels. The initiative will help pupils to inform their teachers about anything that might be bothering them.

“We must make sure they are not abused whether at home or at school. There is a need to give a particular attention to them. We should not judge them if they cannot speak as a result of their disability,” Molatlhegi said.

She further said rape cases tend to increase during school holidays recession. Molatlhegi added that most pupils visit various families and some pupils fall victims of to rape.

“They are either raped by family members or complete strangers. The challenge comes when families do not report such cases to authorities and choose to resolve them through family channels. However, we need to protect and embrace these pupils. It is true that education for children with special needs is sometimes more difficult, but the reward for their learning is unmatched,” she said.

The agriculture department donated various vegetable seeds to the school. They also promised to develop plant and maintain the school’s garden. The department representative, Tebogo Bolokang said: “We are very concern about the fading spirit of maintaining school gardens. The gardens were used to feed indigent families within communities previously. However, there is a need for those gardens to be given proper attention for them to bear proper vegetables.”

Education and sport development department spokesperson, Elias Malindi said children with special needs deserve attention. Malindi added that in order to truly teach these children, one must first really get a good grasp of what they are truly capable of achieving.

Every child is different, so you need to take time to really study all of the information that is available to you so that you know the best direction to take the child’s education. Children with special needs most often require some type of tactile learning. Mostly learn best when they are touching and manipulating objects rather than the traditional paper and pencil learning that is still common in the school systems,” Malindi said.


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