PAC slams ANCWL over silent protest



Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) said they were very delighted with the outcomes of local government election results. PAC spokesperson, Kenneth Mokgatlhe said the elections were a learning and preparatory exercise towards 2019.

“We have been experiencing the organisational recycling. We are in the renewal and adjustment of the organisation to politics in 21st century, which is a digital age. It is unfortunate that the media described that as factionalism, while we were sluicing the organisation.

“We are now through that stage and come to understand the international power struggle. We take elections very serious because it seems regular elections are important tenet of any existing democracy,” Mokgatlhe said.

He said despite the organisational challenges they faced, the party has secured more than 55 000 votes. Mokgatlhe said they have improved from 30 000 votes during national general polls in 2014.

“It shows that the people need the PAC to come to them. We acknowledge that we have not been adequately accessible to the people. However, that was largely fuelled by a financial factor because one need capital to travel and buy other assets such as promotional materials.

“We also fully support the silent protest. The elections were conducted in a very important month. In this month, we value and honour the past, present and future contribution of women in our societies. It is a naked secret that women are still subjected to various oppressions,” he said.

Mokgatlhe added that they must also reckon that protest is legal in the country as long as the protestor does not threaten the security of other person or damage property.

“ANCWL president, Bathabile Dlamini was wrong to suggest that Zuma was innocent and therefore the matter should be forgotten. There are many criminals living with us daily and they were never convicted because they have good lawyers or good association. That does not suggest that they have never committed what they were accused of.

“We expected minister of social developments, Bathabile Dlamini to at least defend the women who face patriarchal dominance everyday of their lives. However, she chose to defend her darling organisation and her stomach,” Mokgatlhe said.

He added that minister of water and sanitation, Nomvula Mokonyane who accused EFF leader, Julius Malema for insulting her, was the same person who reduced women to nothing when she claimed that women in the ANC would defend ANC and South African president, Jacob Zuma with their buttocks.


“Woman will have to unite and must expect nothing from women in the ANCWL because those ones care much about their salaries,” he said.


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