Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane yesterday announced that the party had claimed victory in Tshwane, the country’s capital, beating the African National Congress.
“I want to congratulate the DA for successfully beating the ANC here in Tshwane. We will soon be working hard to form the government,” Maimane said.
He also congratulated DA mayoral candidate of Tshwane Solly Msimanga for having run an exceptional campaign, adding Msimanga has been to many communities.
Maimane said the people of Tshwane had expressed the view that the project of democracy was fully at work.
“We need to do everything in our power that where we govern we must govern well. We are waiting for the final figures but our projections have consistently been right,” he said.
Msimanga said they had run a very long and hard race in Tshwane.
“It is a humble privilege to serve the people of South Africa in the city’s capital,” he said.
Msimanga said if the capital worked, the whole of the country would work.
Maimane said people had come out to vote for change.
The Independent Electoral Commission has not yet made an official announcement on the winner of the metro.


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