Mobile classroom set alight

Mobile classroom set alight in North West

EDUCATION and sport development MEC Sello Lehari strongly condemned the burning of a mobile classroom at Reitshokile Primary School in Piet Plessis near Stella.

The arson was allegedly committed by a mob that disrupted teaching and learning at the school. The mob was wielding sticks and throwing stones.

Apparently, the group was demanding that a tarred road be built in the area.

After driving pupils and teachers out of the school, management later received a report that one mobile classrooms had been partially burnt.

Lehari said the fire damaged more than 15 desks, tables and chairs belonging to the class teacher, one cupboard and pupils’ files.

Lehari said: “On behalf of the department, I would like to condemn in the strongest terms, the burning of the mobile classroom at the school. We have now started with the third quarter of the academic year and soon our pupils will be writing their final examinations and we really do not expect such disturbing incidences.

“As the government, we encourage our communities to raise their demands in a peaceful manner rather than opting to destroy public property.”

The costs of the damages to the school are yet to be quantified.

The MEC said teachers had to plead with the community to allow pupils to go back to school in order to do revision as most of the grades were about to complete their syllabi.



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