PSC to visit Taung Hospital for inspection

Taung Hospital


PUBLIC Service Commission (PSC) will visit Taung District Hospital on Wednesday. PSC spokesperson, Humphrey Ramafoko said this will be part of service delivery mandate.

“We will conduct service delivery inspection at Taung Hospital, in the North West Province. The inspection aims to assess the quality of services offered by the healthcare facility in the province. The inspections will focus on safety and security of staff and patients (physical security and protective clothing). We will also look into the availability of beds/space for patients, adequate medical equipment.

“PSC will also look at the availability of medicine, ambulance services, waiting period for patients to undergo surgery, functioning of the hospital in the provision of services,” Ramafoko said.

He added that they will also look at Human Resources available for the functioning of hospitals and compliance with the implementation of the Batho Pele Framework.

The chairperson of the PSC, Adv Sizani and the Commissioner for the North West, MD Sejosingoe will be part of the visit.

It is envisaged that the inspections will be completed by 12:30, so ideally members of the media are advised to at least arrive at the Hospital by 12:00 to ensure that there is no delay.


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