MEC Lehari visits various schools on awareness campaign

MEC Lehari 2


MEC for education and sport development department, Sello Lehari embarked on a massive school safety awareness campaign. Lehari began his initiative at Cocekani Secondary School in Kanana Township.

“We also went to Ikgomotseng Secondary School in Schweizer Reneke last week. The aim of the Provincial School Safety Forum is to encourage pupils to apply positive values and create safer and secured learning environment. The forum issues out risk assessment checklist annually.

“Schools through its SGB’s and school safety committees are able to assess their level of preparedness in dealing with emergencies and disasters. The participating schools are those situated at hot spots areas were crime and violence affect the school communities,” Lehari said.

He added that the characteristics of those hot spots areas have high rate of burglary, gangsterism, absenteeism, bullying, smoking, etc. Lehari further said the department was committed to harness the moral wealth of the nation through inculcating ubuntu during the Mandela Month.

“The Provincial School Safety Forum consists of various stakeholders like education and sport development, health, community safety and transport management, social development, SAPS, justice department, NPA, SALGA, Office of the Premier, House of the Traditional Leaders, etc.

“The school safety awareness campaign focuses on four pillars. They are school emergency preparedness like committees (policies, procedures, warning signs, ability to respond and take action on whether systems are in place). The ability to respond and take action such as putting systems in place on emergency numbers,” he said.

Lehari added that during his visit to schools, experts from fire department taught pupils how to distinguish fire.


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