Christiana School for the Blind receive blankets

Christiana blankets 1


CHRISTIANA School for the Blind pupils received 145 blankets in celebration of International Mandela Day. North West provincial legislature speaker, Susanna Dantjie visited the school in Christiana on Thursday.

She said that schools with disabilities can be positively or negatively influenced by the attitudes and behaviours of pupils and staff. Dantjie also added that general public need to take the lead in assessing school climate in relation to pupils with disabilities.

“The school serves pupils with special needs. So it is imperative to give them imperative support. These children play a pivotal role within our society and we will make sure we continue to support them.

“We need to instill positivity within the pupils. They can become whoever they want to be. Do not allow your disability to determine your destiny. God created you with purpose. We need to work together and make sure that you achieve your dreams,” Dantjie said.

She further said it was imperative to celebrate the life of the struggle icon, the late Dr Nelson Mandela.

“Mandela dedicated his life to improve the lives of the masses. He also loved children. All our struggle heroes fought for democracy, now is the time to enjoy and reap the fruits.

“We encourage you to work hard and also prepare for the future of the next generation. The freedom charter said the people shall share. Let us remember the selflessness of Dr Nelson Mandela. We need to walk on his footprints and change the lives of the people,” she said.

Lekwa-Teemane local municipality, Kagisho Palagangwe shared the same sentiments. He said broader community needs to know the history of South Africa.

“We need to know where we come from, to be able to know where we going. Let us use this 67 minutes wisely. We had few challenges back in 2010 at the school after few pupils were gutted to death in a fire.

“However we continue to believe that we can. We must not lose hope and the late president, Dr Nelson Mandela also encouraged young people use education as the beacon of hope. Mandela believed that education was the only gateway vehicle from abject poverty,” Palagangwe said.

Christiana School for the Blind school governing body (SGB) chairperson, Mpho Gaobuse said they welcome the donations.

“We are very grateful because we were actually planning to buy blankets for our pupils. This initiative came at the right time and we believe this will encourage the pupils to work harder. We always tell them that they must not let their disability to determine their destinations,” Gaobuse said.

Representative council of learners committee (RCL) member, Obakeng Moshabe said: “We are very positive because we know God made us special. I draw my inspiration from Minister of Justice, advocate Michael Masutha. He is partial blind just like me. Nevertheless he went on to achieve a lot.”


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