NWU lecturer imparts knowledge to pupils



NORTH West University (NWU) Mafikeng Campus lecturer, Dr Lehlohonolo Phali encouraged more pupils to take Mathematics and Science.

He said that will assist the country in the long run to acquire the much needed skills.

“Mathematics and Science are everywhere. If you think you are not going to use mathematics and science, you are mistaken. There are a lot of practical applications of physics and biology too. Having a good grasp on numbers help us make sense of finances, probabilities, time calculations and etc,” Phali said.

The youthful lecturer has taken it upon himself to teach these critical subjects to pupils from Grade 8 to 12.

“I also help out university and college students too. I give my lessons after hours and even during weekends. I am looking to start a mathematical sciences academy which will help me reach more people than I am now. My aim is to assist especially those pupils from rural areas.

“I also give motivational talks to high school pupils too. We need to teach the youth about the importance of education. Our generation needs to aware of opportunities that are out there,” he said.

Phali studied BSc and majored in Applied Mathematics, Electronics and Pure Mathematics. He went on to do Honours, MSc and PhD all in Applied Mathematics. Phali is currently the youngest student to complete a PhD degree at the North West University.

“I grew up in an average family in Sebokeng in Vereeniging. My father was the only breadwinner at home. However he passed away back in 2003. My brothers had to take over the responsibilities at home. I loved studying especially Mathematics since from an early age.

“I saw the applications of mathematics in real life. So that helped me a lot. Mathematics is a scarce skill program/course, so that means is the market is there for those who are good in Mathematics and Science in general,” he added.

Phali said South Africa lacks more researchers in this field too. He further said what he learned was that Mathematics helped people to think analytically.

“I was also inspired by the late professor Matthews Nkambule. He always talked about the opportunities that are there in studying Mathematics. My overall passion and love for it kept me going. I specialise in Applied Mathematics- Mathematical modelling,” he added.


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