Minister of social development: ‘Nkewu was a unifier’


THE late MEC for social development in North West Kgakgamatso Nkewu was laid to rest in Molelema village in Taung on Saturday.

Nkewu died in a tragic car accident in Vryburg last week.

National Parliament speaker, Baleka Mbete, ANC national treasurer, Zweli Mkhize, Minister of social development, Bathabile Dlamini, Minister Msebenzi Zwane and others attended the funeral.

Minister Bathabile Dlamini said Nkewu’s life was worth celebrating.

“Nkewu believed in helping our communities. She fought the struggle at an early age and was a unifier. We need to make her proud wherever she is. She was part of the student movement and grew up to become ANC member. I’ve worked with her as MEC and within the organisation.

“ANCWL continue to lose its members and that is a concern. We suspect that some people are instilling fear because they can see that women are committed and active. Two ANCWL members were killed recently in Kwazulu-Natal. However we call upon ANCWL to continue where Nkewu left,” Dlamini said.

In her eulogy, Mbete said Nkewu’s death was a loss to humanity.

“Nkewu served the ANC selflessly on various platforms. We need to need to continue with the struggle until we win the battle. The enemy will never give up until it controls everything. ANC is the most successful movement globally, so we need to maintain that,” Mbete said.

She added that women are still vulnerable and exposed to abuse and sexual harassment. Mbete urged women to stand up against any form of abuse and continue to occupy top positions in private and government sectors.

“Women are very honest and reliable. ANC is the first organisation to put women on top positions in Africa. Nkewu proved beyond reasonable doubt that women are capable. We will continue to support the family and fulfil Nkewu’s wishes of improving the lives of the masses,” Mbete said.

North West premier, Supra Mahumapelo said Nkewu was a dedicated and disciplined leader who will be sorely missed.

“Nkewu saw her death coming. She confided in me that she had a feeling that she will die through a car accident. However her spirit will continue to live amongst us. As ANC cadres and leaders, we are expected to be dedicated to the revolution to the struggle.

“What ANC needs from us, Nkewu had that. The ANC expects that in the execution of the revolution, we need to show the spirit of preparedness, selflessness and the commitment. So comrade Kgakgamatso Nkewu had all that,” Mahumapelo said.

“As cadres of the party we need to be steadfast. Nkewu had that steadfastness and we will continue to celebrate her life in prosecution of revolution. She was unshaken and she stood her ground,” he added.

Nkewu’s childhood friend, Seitiso Morwe said they were very hurt by Nkewu’s passing as she was a pillar of strength to many especially the Molelema community.

“God remains the source of hope. We lost a mother, leader and a mentor. Nkewu always encouraged young women to stand their ground and be counted. She was a struggle activist,” Morwe said.

A cyclist who died in the same accident that killed Nkewu was also buried on Saturday.



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