Baroka Player Fired Before First Paycheck

Baroka FC player, Ignitious Kgobadi, has been fired by the club less than a month after being signed by the newly promoted Absa Premiership side.

Kgobadi, 27, was one of the 13 players announced by Baroka last month as they begin their preparations for the new season, however he has blown his chance to play in the big time after breaching the club’s rules.


A Siya source explained that the defender had been released for ‘breaching the clubs rules and code of conduct’, and that he wouldn’t even be receiving payment for his first month at the club.


The player’s agent, Cleopas Monyepao, better known as DJ Cleo, confirmed his exit, telling the crew, “Sadly it’s quite a setback for a new business (DCF Sports) like ours, but it’s part of the game. We will continue to educate our youngsters on ethics etc, and strive to provide quality disciplined players to teams going forward.”


Kgobadi, who was signed from Orbit FC, will now have to begin his search for a new club and look to behave better if he does manage to land a new contract elsewhere.



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