Madibeng residents promise ANC support despite challenges



MADIBENG residents promised to vote for the ANC in the August 3 local government elections despite challenges they still face.

They gave their commitment during a door-to-door campaign led by Transport Minister Dipuo Peters.

One resident said: “I want the ANC to improve its service delivery. We are lacking water and sanitation. We are also unemployed. However I will still vote for the party because I can see improvements. We can access electricity and we also have houses.”

Another potential voter said she will vote for ANC even though the party is not 100% perfect.

Minister Peters urged community members to report all corrupt government officials adding that the ANC will not tolerate any form of corruption.

“The people raised few service delivery issues like lack of water, unemployment and poverty. We understand that the people here have water, but they questioned the quality of the water. They claim that the water has particular smell. However we will engage with minister of water affairs and sanitation, Nomvula Mokonyane to see how we can assist them,” Peters said.

She added: “We will also engage with Madibeng local municipality comes up with remedy to the matter. There is an indication of high mast lights, but they have not being operational for the past three years. We believe that service delivery is key.”

The minister pointed out that the ANC has an integrity committee that oversees the behaviour of its deployees.

“We have government institutions like Public Protector, the SIU and others. This is as a result of the interventions and creations of the ANC. The issues that are reported as corruption in the media, in most instances you would find out that they were picked up by ANC first.

“We urge those who pick up any act of corruption to report it. I also urge our people not corrupt our leaders,” Peters said.


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