‘Bulk of government spending should be local’


THE North West government said its decision to spend 70% of government money in villages, townships and small dorpies still stands.

Premier Supra Mahumapelo said this was done in effort to reduce capital flight to other provinces.

“We have also taken a decision of where a big contract for instance where we do not have capacity at the province, we must form partnerships. In the province we do not a huge number of grade nine in construction so we have to increase that number as possible. Now we can’t grow without giving them work and they must work with the established ones so that we can gradually stop capital fight,” said Mahumapelo.

He said doing that does not mean the province should be isolated.

“We must also have business people from the province doing business in other provinces so that we show our capacity in issues that are economic and enterprise related,” Mahumapelo said.

The premier added that the economy can only grow when that was done and not only in provinces but in SADC countries as well.

“We must also share our skills through Brics countries. The agricultural skills that we have can be transferred to Brazil and China and help with the knowledge that we have. That is why we are working on the process to deal with the Chinese on the skin and the meat of the donkeys,” he said.

He further said that government is waiting for the laboratory tests from China on the issue of donkey meat before doing business with the country.

“As soon the tests are done and were ok to do business, we will start with the production of the donkey meat to take to China,” Mahumapelo said.

He also called on business people who do business in North West, to relocate to the province or own some properties to be able to pay rates and taxes.

“This is part of boosting our economy in the province,” he said.


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