‘North West FM presenter inspire the youth’

DSC_1596Sir Max encouraging youth in Agriculture.

Picture: (North West FM presenter and Motivational Speaker, Sir Max)

FROM a difficult upbringing, Ndleleni Maxongo has defied odds and has become one of the sought-after motivational speakers in the country.

Maxongo, 32, popularly known as Sir Marx is a radio presenter at North West FM, an author and a motivational speaker.

He hails from Dithakong village in Mahikeng where life used to be tough growing up.

“What I can say now is that I’m a child of God, a philanthropist, accomplished speaker and best-selling author. I remember my upbringing was very difficult because I grew up in abject poverty. My father was a driver and my mom was a domestic worker.

“At the age of 12, my father died in a car accident. Shortly afterwards, my mother committed suicide, leaving my two siblings and I as orphans. After the death of my mother, I went to Lichtenburg in search of greener pastures. However I ended up scavenging for food in rubbish bins,” Sir Max said.

He had to work as a taxi queue marshal but that too was not easy and he returned home and went back to school.

With the rough experience he had, Sir Max put his shoulder to the wheel and studied hard. He now has Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management, a post-graduate diploma in Finance Management and a Masters of Arts in International Relations. He is also registered for doctoral studies.

He has also used his speech proficiency to earn him reputation as one of the leading motivational speakers.

“Being a motivational speaker for me is a calling. That was pronounced upon my life at very early stage. Magic happened when I answered my calling to inspire the human race. Many people inspired me, but to mention just but two of them. The late Apostle Samuel Seipei was my spiritual father and Dr John Tibane is my mentor. Apostle Samuel Seipei’s death was the most challenging thing in my life,” Sir Max added.

“I have been in the business world since 2003. The quality of my talks earned me a status as one of the highly paid motivational speakers. My talks are mostly about creating organisations that add value to investors, customers and employees. I also talk about the powers of the mind.

“The motivational talks are aimed at developing and cultivating a new way of thinking within organisations and individuals. I am an honorary member of Golden Key International Honour Society,” he said.

Sir Max is also a founder and chief executive officer for consulting firm, Sir Max Corporation. He said the company specialises in inspirational talks, team building, strategic planning, leadership, management consulting and organisational development.

“Through God’s grace I consult for government departments, private business, NGOs and universities. I also served as a lecturer at the North West University at Mafikeng Campus and sit on several boards as a director.

“Our youth today should stay away from drugs and alcohol abuse. Those are bigger thieves as they steal and destroy great potential of our youth. They also rob them of their future. My future aspirations are to touch more hearts and transform many minds,” he said.

Sir Max started his radio career back in 2010 at Mahikeng FM and then moved to Motsweding FM to host an inspirational show called Matlhasedi a year later. He then joined North West FM in 2015 as a host of one of the most inspirational shows, The Inspiration Summit.

He also wrote three books: Become Your Portrait, It’s Your Mentality Not Your Ability That Can Crack Your Success Code and The Billionaire Mind Blueprint.

“I hosted a Young Champions Seminar recently in Mahikeng. It was an inspirational summit aiming at empowering youth to change their lives. We also advised them to adapt into these ever changing times. The core of the message was the DNA of game changers.

“There are many people playing the game at the moment, but the world is calling us to change it. Young Champions seminar was a great a success,” he said.


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