Mandela Day is hospital D-Day

Bophelong hospital

Picture: (Bophelong Psychiatric hospital)


A BOPHELONG Psychiatric hospital will finally open its doors on Mandela Day on July 18. A R478 million state-of-the-art psychiatric hospital is set to improve the province’s mental health services for many people who previously had limited access.

Health department spokesperson, Tebogo Lekgethwane said they will open the doors of the hospital after the construction of road entered the hospital was completed.

“This will definitely increase access to mental health care services. It will also boost chances of psychiatric patients to respond to treatment as they will be treated and cared for next to home.

“A total of R478 million was set aside for the construction of the psychiatric hospital. The department had initially planned to construct a 648-bed hospital, but following extensive consultation with mental health experts and recommendations by World Health Organisation (WHO), we decided to downsize psychiatric hospital in favour of community based psychiatric health care facilities,” he said.

Lekgethwane said the hospital will have 384 beds. He added that however the department will instead meet its 648-bed target by building facilities throughout the province.

Lekgethwane said each community based facility will make provision for residential needs.

“These include a day care center, a workshop for occupational activities and industrial therapy. It is envisaged that each of these facilities will function independently in terms of staff structures and will be located near health facilities to promote easy outreach of health professionals.

“We will construct community based psychiatric health care facilities in the four districts of the province namely Ngaka Modiri Molema, Bojanala, Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati and Dr Kenneth Kaunda. We are also official opening Joe Morolong hospital in Vryburg on Wednesday,” Lekgethwane said.


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