Media ‘brought on board’

Media Networking Session 2016


NORTH West premier Supra Mahumapelo said they will continue to work hard for the betterment of the province. Mahumapelo addressed media about the progress and state of affairs in the province at Hartbeespoort Dam in Madibeng local municipality on Wednesday.

“We are concern how people continue to perceive our province. The province has been professed as it is incapable of delivering good governance to its people. People believe that North West is marred with protests and that affects our economy growth. They also highlighted that we are incapable of governing our finance properly.

“The people also think that we are not paying our service providers in time. However out of that entire crisis, we came up with strategic plans. It is imperative for me to share our vision with you. Media plays a pivotal role in the society,” Mahumapelo said.

He added that the media can assist to build the good image of the province. Mahumapelo said they needed to strengthen their relationship with media to achieve that.

“Media play a fundamental part and we welcome any proposal from you. We accept that for the past five years, we experienced bad auditing report opinion. However we are now moving towards the right direction now.

“We have now improved our supply chain system by making sure that we pay our service providers within 30 days. We also came up with five concretes. We know that North West province is predominant rural. So we invested in Agriculture, Culture and Tourism (ACT),” he said.

According to Mahumapelo, agriculture will boost the economy because people never live without food. He said if the province invests in crop production, the economy will grow.

“We need to come up with premeditated plan on how we can invest in agriculture. We have encouraged more youth to be in farming. They can become entrepreneurs and create job opportunities for others.

“We can also invest in culture. North West has rich heritage history. We can bring many tourists to the province through our heritage. We will be doing sod-turning for few roads construction next week. We want to improve the roads in Mahikeng. We will also make sure that Mahikeng becomes the safest city in the world,” he said.

Mahumapelo added that they were in plans to upgrade rural towns by turning them into cities. He said towns like Taung and others will be upgraded in rural cities.

“We have also improved ways of fighting corruption within local municipalities. Corruption affects service delivery, so we need to curb it out altogether. We are also in talks with health department to increase timeline at various clinics. People carp that some of our health facilities do not operate 24 hours a day. So we want media to disseminate our plans to the broader communities. Hence we brought you on board,” he said.

MEC for culture, art and traditional affairs, Ontlametse Mochware said they will appoint a new CEO at Mmabana Foundation. Mochware said they will also introduce Mmabana activities at schools.

“Our children must have these activities at their door steps. This will be after school care activities. We will talk to public works department to get some of unused schools to make sure that children can easily access it,” Mochware said.

MEC for rural, environment and agricultural development (READ), Manketse Tlhape said they planning to have Agri-parks at each district across the province.

“We have only one agri-park in the province currently. We will be having our first harvest soon and the future looks promising. We also created many job opportunities through farming,” Tlhape said.


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