‘Mahumapelo visits soothsayer’


Picture: (North West premier, Supra Mahumapelo and Renowned Soothsayer and Author, Credo Mutwa) 


PREMIER Supra Mahumapelo paid a visit to renowned soothsayer, traditional leader and author Credo Mutwa in Kuruman early this week.

The aim of Mahumapelo’s visit was to meet with Mutwa who was forcefully removed from Letlamoreng Dam in Mahikeng by Bophuthatswana government.

Mahumapelo said government is now revamping Letlamoreng Dam and he wanted to meet with Mutwa as he had a traditional house at the dam.

He said that they want to preserve Mutwa’s house for cultural development cultural practises.

“We need to continue to work together as government with our people. So we saw it imperative to meet with Credo Mutwa. North West government believes that we need to follow the suit in rebuilding our government. Those who were here first had plans, now in order to get it right, we need to understand their vision as well. They laid the foundation, so to continue and take it forward, we must meet with them.

“We also visited former Bophuthatswana president, Lucas Mangope. The nother mater is to rely on the living God for guidance. We need to ask serenity from him. We need to practice humanity because all what we have in this world may perish. To be a good leader, one need to show humanity and listen for advices,” Mahumapelo said.

Mahumapelo expressed concern at how Mutwa was kicked out of the provincial capital saying people like the traditional leader play a positive role in building the society.

“We shared our vision with Mutwa. And we urged him to consider his return to Letlamoreng Dam. We need to learn from previous leader. I am glad that he welcomed us in his home. The aim was to know how we can assist him as we are refurbishing the area. We have budgeted R30m to improve Letlamoreng Dam, so his area will also be used as part of heritage.

“We need to preserve our Africanism and make sure that peace prevails in the province. We have put three concepts as our drive of our economy. Agriculture, culture and tourism are our economy drive in the North West province. We also have renewal, healing and reconciliation. We agree with Mutwa when he mentioned that there will be instability in South Africa. However we are fighting unemployment, inequality and poverty,” he added.

In his remarks, Mutwa said he could not agree more with the vision of the provincial government.

“As small as I am, I agree with your vision. We need to make people at grass root level to be able to feed themselves. They also need to be integrated in the bigger plan which joins to greater things. The culture of a human being is capable of sustaining human being’s life.

“I am disturbed by the noise we see in our country currently. Human beings are working in the name God of to bring upheaval in the lives of the masses. There is danger facing our country. Unemployment, inequality and poverty are rearing its ugly head. We need to come up with good planning to improve the lives of the people,” Mutwa said.


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