Employees encourage checking if they are registered with UIF


LABOUR department embarked on an outreach campaign to meet with employers in Klerksdorp recently. Beneficiary Services manager, Selete Qhamakoane said many companies continue to violate its workers.

“We stumbled on dishonest practices by some of the employers in Klerksdorp and other parts of the province. We discovered that some companies deduct UIF contributions from their employees yet they are not registered with the Fund.

“In some instances, new employees were not registered with the Fund too. Mostly those who are employed permanent were not declared to the UIF on a monthly basis as required by the Act,” Qhamakoane said. 

“Employers deducted UIF contributions from their employees even though they are not registered.  Employers who pay UIF contributions through SARS failed to declare their workers to the UIF too.

“They also failed to declare changes such as salary increase as required by the Act. So we will be able to address this issue through this campaign. We have also identified employers that need to be audited for employee registration, declarations, and payment of contributions to the Fund,” she said.

Qhamakoane further said employer audit inspectors will visit all concerned companies to do thorough inspections. She added that they will visit other areas like Brits, Rustenburg and Christiana.

Qhamakoane said the campaign was fruitful as some companies came out and registered their domestic workers. 

“According to the Unemployment Insurance Act, any person working for 24 hours or more in a month is supposed to be registered with the Fund. This will enable such workers to be covered for unemployment benefits.

“Workers are encouraged to contact the nearest offices of the labour department to find out if they have indeed been registered with the Fund,” she said.
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