‘TV personality releases a book, talks money’

Collen Lemawane-2


A RENOWNED radio and TV personality Collen Lemawane has released a book to unleash his experience about money. Lemawane said his book is called “Why Broke When There Is So Much Info”.

“There is a concern on how people manage their financial status. A poor management in administrating lump-sum payouts can affect many lives. Those who received it ended up coiling back to square one or even worse.

“This book is not only interesting, but exciting to read too. It addresses and gives practical tips to follow if you are tired of being broke. As a first time writer, I believe that we need to be alert especially when it comes to financial literacy. We need to understand the language used to educate the public about money,” he said.

Itsoseng-born presenter said financial problems emanate from lack of financial planning, strategy and literacy for many. He said in his book, he draws from his personal experience and decisions that landed him in financial trouble and how he bounced back.

“The book is a metaphor of many people’s financial journey. It also gives tips on how to take action and plan better for the future. I was in hospital and could not move as I was paralyzed. So I decided to take a good look into my finances and that made me realise how far off the mark I was.

“The way I was going was not a healthy one financially. And being in hospital made me realize where I went wrong. I had to share what I discovered about our relationship with money, hence the book,” Lemawane said.

He is a presenter for SABC business news and was a current affairs presenter on SABC 3 and Motsweding FM. He said financial mediocrity is what contributes to financial instability.

“I saw the tension between my savings and spending habits. And it took me about three years to write this book. My objective is to help and save millions who continue to sink in debts.

“This book is for everyone. I first want to challenge the notion that black people don’t read. We need to develop interest in putting our finances in line through financial literacy. I also want the middle-aged reader to remember to start saving now for retirement,” Lemawane said.

He added that only few people think of saving every day. He said the book also communicates well with people who were about to retire or were on pension or received their lump-sum cash.

Lemawane said people need to know how to safe their money before they give it to quick-buck schemes. It speaks also to couples who tend to allow love to cloud their vision when it comes to financial planning.

“I went on a personal fact finding mission speaking to pensioners and financial practitioners, institutional and desktop research and a whole lot of literature review. I then extended invitations for special contributions from professionals like ETF strategist Nerrina Visser, certified financial planner Neo Mmatli and David Kop from the Financial Planning Institute as well as Economists.

“I was also concern about what most pensioners go through. Mostly go through retirement depression. So I engaged the services of Unisa psychologist Vicy Malefo,” he concludes.


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