Eight villages to get high-mast lights in Taung


Picture: (GTLM outgoing mayor, Kaone Lobelo)


EVEN though is mostly marred by unemployment, the lives of the people continue to be improved. This was the words of the outgoing mayor, Kaone Lobelo.

He said a total number of 3875 housing units have been built. Lobelo added that this included the inclusive of 2090 units that were constructed during 2015/16.

“We have also planned to build an extra 1785 houses for 2016/17 financial year. This includes houses planned for Reivilo/Boipelo Township of 200 units and 75 Lykso. The community have been patiently waiting for these houses. We couldn’t provide due to planning processes such as township establishment by the relevant department.

“However productive this might sound, the municipality is facing an acute land shortage for further development. To address the ever growing need for housing, we engaged with our chiefs (dikgosi) for land allocation,” he said.

Lobelo added that the municipality is currently experiencing illegal occupations of land that is registered under the municipality. He said this practice is mainly common around Taung Ext. 6, the Taung CBD area and Pudimoe Township.

“However all is not lost as we completed land audit (Taung CBD, Pudimoe Township and Reivilo/Boipelo Township. We have also reviewed our environmental management framework, the spatial development framework and the land use management scheme.

“The development of Taung Central Precinct and establishment of municipal planning tribunals to decide on land development applications (Act 16 of 2013) still needs to be implemented. There is a challenge of implementing the spatial planning and land use management act (SPLUMA).  We will continue to engage with traditional authorities with regards to the implementation of the spatial plans (SDF, EMF, LUMS and the Precinct Plan), he said.

 Lobelo also mentioned that the municipality has constructed 100 high mast lights to the amount of R16m in six villages. He said this was part of the area lighting programme.

“Only 24 high mast lights existed in Greater Taung local municipality prior to 2011. We also addressed safety at “Hot Spot” areas as identified by the SAPS. An additional 23 high mast lights will be constructed in eight villages at a cost of R6.9m during 2016/17 financial year.

“We have also instilled electricity to 2383 households over the last five years. We also expanded the project to 2178 in-fills.

During the past three years, the municipality has performed very well in terms of planning, organising, controlling and implementation projects through EPWP,” he said.

 Lobelo said seven small bridges were constructed over the last three years through EPWP and two streets were upgraded. He added that 8 vegetation control projects were also done.

 According to Lobelo, the grant of R1.3m for the 2016/17 financial year will ensure that they create 105 full time equivalents (FTE’s).

He added that they equate to 105 people employed for twelve months at R2000 per month.

“The municipality will strive to utilise 30% of its MIG allocation of R43m towards local labour. This will yield another 550 FTEs in terms of EPWP. This translates to a total estimate of 655 full time job opportunities for 2016/17 financial year.


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