‘Adopt A Cop’ programme to be adopted



MEC for community safety and transport management, Dr Mpho Motlhabane visited few police stations in Ratlou local municipality on an unannounced visit recently.

Motlhabane also visited few schools and met with community members. He said they will establish ‘Adopt A Cop’ initiative in few schools.

“I visited Boithaopo Secondary School on Friday. Many parents were concerned about the safety of their children. They said the fence has been tempered with and this exposes them to criminal activities during school hours.

“We call for the establishment of the Adopt A Cop programme. It is the school safety crime prevention programme. It was established under the protocol which was signed by education and sport development department and South African Police Services in 2011,” he said.

Motlhabane added that the protocol aimed to promote safer schools and prevent the involvement of young people in crime. He further said they will conduct internal investigation regarding criminal incidents reported to the Atamelang Police Station.

“The community alleged that the police station delays in investigations regarding crimes reported. So we will conduct an internal investigation on the matter. We are working hand-in-hand with the tribal council.

“We discussed how best we can work on an integrated approach. We don’t need guns to fight crime but Saamtrek, Saamwerk approach can take us far. Crime is a societal thorn which needs the participation of everyone,” he said.

Motlhabane said the unannounced visits to police stations were intended to assess the level of service delivery provided by police stations. He added that compliance towards improving frontline service delivery was imperative.

“The visits are intended to determine the extent of service delivery and ensure that government principles of Batho Pele are adhered to. These are part of the Setsokotsane programme which is currently implemented in all four districts of the province,” Motlhabane said.


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