Plans afoot to counter labour department backlog


INCORRECT information provided by employers caused backlog for more than 1000 Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) at North West labour department.

UIF manager at provincial office, Selete Qhamakoane said they have now established a team of specialists to unpack the backlog.

“We are struggling to process the applications due to incorrect information supplied by employers. We want to resolve this matter and pay beneficiaries. Some of the applications are dating as far as last year. And most of them involve maternity applications.

“It means that mothers went on maternity leave and they never got paid by UIF. We urge employers to provide correct information as this hinders the process,” Qhamakoane said.

Provincial spokesperson, Orpa Mathabe said if the information provided differs with the one on their database, the application will automatically be rejected.

“This causes challenges because we need to send the applicants back to the employer to rectify the information. Also this leads to the backlog and beneficiaries end up not getting paid.

“We will send out our team of employer auditors to go and assist employers who struggle to fill the forms. We are also embarking on advocacy sessions in various Malls around North West from June to September,” Mathabe said.

She further said this was an attempt to reach out to employers. Mathabe added that employers also need to note that this is an interim intervention.

“They need to contact any labour department office nearer to them if they experience any challenges. Employers can also contact our office on (018) 387 8100 to get more details,” she said.


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