‘More than R6m set aside for winter school’

MEC Sello Lehari

MORE than 35 000 Grade 12 pupils will participate on winter school camps across the province. MEC for education and sport department, Sello Lehari said the department has set aside R6 873 690 for the program.

“We want to ensure that the winter school camp program run effectively. We have identified 68 venues to accommodate the pupils and teachers. The winter school camps are intended to assist and prepare pupils to be able to deal with areas which they did not understand in their classes.

“This will enable them to write legibly and think critically during their final examinations. I am glad in which the mid-year examination process has unfolded. I also want to commend our educators,” he said.

Lehari added that teachers showed professionalism. He further said he was confident that pupils will perform well during their final examinations.

“The winter school camps are like a golden opportunity served to pupils. So they need to embrace it and work hard. Pupils should not be afraid to indicate their problematic areas. There will be experts in various subjects to assist them.

“Parents are urged to also assist pupils to focus on their school work during holidays. The schools will resume on July 18. The winter school camps program will benefit 35 519 Grade 12 pupils in the province,” he said.

Lehari said they had a silky mid-year examination process. He added that the mid-year examinations assisted teachers.

“Teachers observed if pupils have understood the work done so far. So they will help them based on the syllabus. This is very imperative in preparing them for final examinations,” Lehari said.


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