MEC addresses a scourge of stock-theft in Taung

MEC Dr Mpho Motlhabane

MEC of community safety and transport, Dr Mpho Motlhabane met with livestock owners at Taung Agricultural College in Taung on Friday. Motlhabane said they aimed at addressing the stock theft matter because that affects the economy of the province.

“We know that North West province is mostly pre-dominated by rural areas. So our people rely on livestock to survive and improve their lives. We met with them to come up with strategic plans in eliminating livestock theft.

“We encouraged them to mark or tattooed their livestock. They must also have a forum that addresses their issues. The forum will work closely with our stock theft unit in policing department,” he said.

However a livestock owner from Dryharts village, Tsiamiso Goitsemodimo, 44 said he lost many goats through theft. Goitsemodimo said police were not helpful after he opened a case.

“I think police are not competent enough in fighting stock theft. I opened a case after my slaughtered goats were found in the suspects’ vehicle on N18 back in 2014.

“I positively identified those slaughtered goats after they were stolen in Choseng village. The case was opened against the suspects. However I do not know what happened to that case now,” he said.


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One thought on “MEC addresses a scourge of stock-theft in Taung

  1. We acknowledge the effort by the MEC to visits farm rural areas but to us as emerging farmers in a very poor living conditions request your office intervention with the safety of our livestock disturbing traffic at night at Stella N18 road. We have try intervention from our local municipality (Naledi) but all in vain since 2013.


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