Firefighters’ new equipment

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LOCAL government and human settlements department has set aside R13m to support municipalities in upgrading their disaster management and fire services in order to render efficient and effective service delivery, MEC Fenny Gaolaolwe said.

She said all disaster management centres should comply with safety regulations. Gaolalolwe added that they will provide the fire stations with necessary equipments.

“The department has allocated R1 675 millions to the Mahikeng local municipality to procure fire fighting uniforms, protective clothing and ICT equipments such as computers and printers. This will help in an effort to build a capacitated station and reduce the risks in communities.

“This follows the assessment by our department. It was revealed that there is non-compliance with the legislative guidelines in line with uniforms and protective clothing as well as basic ICT equipments,” Gaolaolwe said.

She said they have also identified the need for a disaster management satellite office in Tshidilamolomo in Ratlou local municipality.

“There are number of fire incidents occurred from nearby areas. We bought uniforms for our firefighters worth R1m. I also want to appeal to our personnel at fire stations to be committed. They are expected to respond to calls for emergency assistance on time.

“Proper disaster preparedness is about much more than giving emergency officials the tools they need. The communities must also create emergency protocols. They also need to be explained carefully to the residents,” Gaolaolwe said.

Mahikeng local municipality mayor, Gosiame Seatlholo said the equipments will assist to fight fire breaks.

“Schools can be especially susceptible to crises. Emergency officials must make it a priority to provide school officials with the information they need to be prepared for an emergency. We welcome the support from local government and human settlements department,” Seatlholo said.


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