‘Ba-Ga Mothibi community welcomes new chief’


A 22-YEAR-OLD man was enthroned as a new chief of Ba-Ga Mothibi Tribal Authority at Sekhing village, in Taung on Saturday.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by dignitaries.

MEC for culture, art and traditional affairs (CATA), MEC Ontlametse Mochware said they will continue to support traditional leaders in the province.

“We are very proud to be inaugurating Obakeng Mothibi as the new chief. His father’s young sister, Ponatshego Mothibi will be a regent until 2019. Obakeng Mothibi said he is not ready to ascend the throne.

“We provided laptops, vehicles and also cattle to empower traditional leaders. Chiefs are the leaders within communities. So we believe they will help the government to fight challenges the commuties are faced with,” Mochware said.

Provincial chairperson for The House of Traditional Leader, Kgosi Madoda Zibi said they welcome the new chief.

“We will give him the necessary support. As the organisation, we want to fulfill our objectives. We want to change the lives of the masses. We also appreciate the support we receive from the government,” Zibi said.

Ponatshego Mothibi who was appointed as regent said: “We are grateful that finally a chief has been appointed. We will work together with the community to make sure we change the lives of the people. We will also make sure we engage with elders to get guidance from them.

“The chief, Obakeng Mothibi is still at school so he said he was not ready to be the chief. I will be in charge until 2019. So he will take over from me afterwards. There are so many challenges facing the community. However we believe that the time for change has arrived,” she said.
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