Tlokwe houses benefit the poor


THE Tlokwe City Council allocated houses to elderly people in its recently completed subsidised housing allocation scheme.

Municipality spokesperson, William Maphosa said that all houses were handed over to deserving people, particularly the elderly.

“The current allocation process is being used to establish a vibrant and complete community consistent with any normal society with all age groups. The youth, adults and elderly people were fairly represented.

“One of the strategic goals of the municipality is to enhance growth. However we will achieve that through integrated and interactive planning. We also want to develop vibrant communities that enjoy safe and secured environment,” Maphosa said.

He added that the municipality will continue to create a sustainable environment for its people.

“This process of allocation is aimed at addressing this strategic goal. Subsidised stands are currently being allocated in accordance with the housing allocation policy and the recently published waiting list. The comprehensive housing waiting list currently stands at 14 737.

“From this total number, the list was narrowed down to 1 400 names. This list will be used to allocate 900 subsidised stands in Ikageng Extension 9 and Promosa Extension 4. This project is intended for first time home owners only,” Maphosa said.

The scheme targeted the pension bracket while young people were also catered for.

“The most prominent and positive aspect of the list is that the age group in the range 60 – 90, which comprises 17% of the shortlist, will ensure that all the elderly people of Tlokwe are now properly housed.

“The youth portion from 23 – 30 age group form 11% of the list. The municipal housing policy provides that a person as young as 18 can be included in the waiting list. However, such a person can only enter into contractual agreement with the municipality when they are 21 or older,” Maphosa added.

The spokesperson pointed out that the current subsidised housing stands allocation was earmarked for households earning a combined income of no more than R 3 500 per month.

He said that beneficiaries cannot transfer their benefits to the next of kin, so those who die while waiting cannot be allocated houses posthumously.

“If a person on the list passes on or for one reason or another is no longer keen on the allocation, they forfeit the right to apply or to pass the opportunity to someone else. The re-allocation or re-organisation of the list in this regard solely rests with the municipality,” he said.


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