Police ready for upcoming elections


THE North West police said that they are ready for upcoming local elections.

The elections will be held on August 3 and deputy police commissioner, Maj-Gen Patrick Asenang said their main focus is to foster co-operation between all the role-players.

“Our police are ready for the upcoming local government elections. We have the provision of man-power, training of the police in accordance with the electoral act and the independent commission acts.

“We will combat any intimidation, removal of placards and violence. During the election itself the main focus will be on effective policing of the electoral polling booths. Many police will be deployed in order to protect these booths effectively,” Asaneng said.

He said they will provide a necessary training to their members. Asaneng said this will ensure that the police were properly informed of what is expected of them.

“We will also continue to retain high visibility, maintain internal stability, combat crime through effective management of information and investigation techniques.

“We will also make sure that we maintain competent and motivated personnel. A community relation is also imperative. No carrying of carrying of firearms and other dangerous weapons into the polling booths,” Asaneng said.

ANC provincial chairperson, Supra Mahumapelo said they signed the pledge and will abide by the rules and regulations governing elections.

“As the provincial government and ANC-led government, we support the notion. We will make sure the elections run smoothly with no hindrances. We support fair and free elections.

“We have entrusted IEC and we believe is the independent body. We will make sure the integrity of the authority is protected and restored. It is one of the most important institutions in our country,” Mahumapelo said.

Democratic Alliance provincial leader, Joe McGluwa said they have signed the IEC’s code of conduct to pledge for the upcoming local government elections. The elections will be staged on August 3.

“We are excited to be part of this historic moment. South Africa is in a young democracy as a country. We recently announced that for the first time ever, the DA will be contesting all the wards and municipalities within the province.

“We want to bring change that will move this province forward. The pledge we signed today calls for free and fair elections. It calls on all participating political parties to practice a culture of tolerance and peace,” McGluwa said.

EFF provincial leader, Betty Diale also shared the same sentiments. She said EFF is ready for local government elections and will abide to IEC rules and regulations.

“We are very adamant that EFF will change the landscape of the politics on August 3. We support and adhere to the rules and regulations of IEC. We give the authority unwavering support towards fair, honest and free elections,” Diale said.


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