Municipality encourages youth to form SMMEs

Katlego Gabanakgosi


The Greater Taung local municipality said they will continue to support small micro medium economy (SMMEs) through local economic development (LED).

Municipality spokesperson, Ricky Olifant said they have partnered with corporate social investment facilitation.

“We have engaged with other key stakeholders. We have also undertaken activities like Impala Platinum Mine and Anglo Gold Ashanti. The municipality have awarded 13 bursaries and given 25 unemployed youth learnership opportunities. We have also hosted a successful sanitary charity fundraising event.

“Underprivileged pupils from far-flung areas have benefited from the project.  We are targeting the last week of June 2016 for distribution. The municipality also hosted the Enterprise Development Conference. This was in collaboration with SEDA and FEED,” he said.

Olifant said the aim was to empower the Greater Taung small business and entrepreneurs through knowledge and information. He added that they continuously encouraging pupils to take education serious.

“Learning is the key elements in strengthening small business growth and sustainability. The launch of the flea market in partnership with finance, economy, and enterprise development department (FEED) assisted.

“The project will empower SMME’s/Cooperatives to gain access to the market. We will ensure sustainability and growth in their business. The cooperatives and SMMEs will help to create and maintain the jobs in the sector,” he said.

The spokesperson added that the development of the economy in the province will create a viable business to be marketable and competitive.

He pointed out that the official opening of the enterprise development centre in partnership with the North West Development Cooperation will bring services such as business support and economic to the citizens of Greater Taung.

Premier Supra Mahumapelo also encouraged youth to have SMMEs and cooperatives.  He said they have formed a task team to profile village, town and small dorpies across the province.

He said that they will continue to engage them through Setsokotsane approach.

“SMMEs form the integral part of our economy. So SMMEs will receive significant attention and investment. This will range from establishment of state-initiated projects. We will provide necessary skills to village business owners. We have already implemented village developmental programme,” Mahumapelo said.


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