’17 Family members get RDP house in Ganyesa’

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MEC for local government and human settlements, Fenny Gaolaolwe said she will continue to change the lives of ordinary residents in the impoverished remote rural areas. Gaolaolwe said most people have benefited from rural housing project in Kagisano-Molopo local municipality.

“The department has spent just over R26 million in a rural and emergency housing project. This translates to 200 housing units spread across 25 villages. Such villages include Khudunkgwane, Tlaakgameng, Ganyesa, Tseoge, and Morokweng

“A further 1000 units have also been allocated for 2016/2017 in a number of villages in Kagisano-Molopo local municipality.  We recently inspected the completed houses last week,” she said.

Gaolaolwe further added that they are on course to make sure the elderly and disabled residents get first preference.

She further said RDP houses will restore dignity. Gaolaolwe added that government will continue to change the lives of impoverished through housing development programme.

One of the beneficiaries in the project is Rinah Molehe, 64 from Khudunkgwane village near Ganyesa said she highly-appreciate the work done by the department.

Molehe stays with 17 family members in a two roomed dilapidated house.

“I am very excited now because I have a house now. I never thought this day I will come. I have a decent house and we will now sleep in a dignified manner,” she said.


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