‘Ganyesa school damaged by storm’



FOUR classrooms were damaged at Tshwaraganang Primary School in Maheng village near Ganyesa last week. Education and sport development department, Elias Malindi said Tshwaraganang Primary School is a literally new school.

“The school was occupied in 2014 and has enrolled 166 learners. The storm took place in the middle of the night. There was no one at school and there are no injuries reported from this incident.

“The entire roof of the block of four classrooms flew and crashed another mobile classroom at school. The two nearby mobile classrooms were slightly affected. The rubble blocked access towards one class only.

“The educators decided to use unaffected mobile classroom, offices in the staff room and a block of Grade R classes to utilise them as examination centre. The storm could not disrupt the examinations processes,” he said.

MEC for education and sport development, Jonas Lehari applauded the community for coming in numbers to remove the rubble at school.

“This is an unfortunate incident. No one could be able to prevent it. On behalf of the department I would like to applaud the parents and community members who came in large numbers to assist to remove the rubble,” Lehari said.

Ouma Motsaathebe the School Governing Body Chairperson cited that they were working for the future of their children.

“Education for our children is our number one priority and we will do everything possible to see them at school. We want our children to continue with their examination, so we will assist the department in repairing the school”, said Motsaathebe.


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