A man arrested for murder in Orkney



A 35-year-old suspect is expected to appear in the Orkney Magistrate’s Court in connection with murder, attempted murder, pointing of firearm and robberies. North West police spokesperson, Col Sabata Mokgwabone said the suspect allegedly shot two security guards at shaft No. 6 in Orkney near Klerksdorp back in 2015.

“The suspect was arrested on Thursday in Okney after intensive search. He allegedly shot two security guards who were on duty at Shaft No. 2 in Orkney back in August 2015. One of the security guards died instantly while the other one was taken to the hospital for medical treatment. The security guards’ firearms were robbed during the atrocity.
“The suspect was also linked to a case of pointing of firearm in Orkney that occurred at shaft No. 2 in Orkney earlier this month. It is alleged that the suspect pointed the victim who is a security guard with a firearm,” he said. Mokgwabone further added that the suspect was nabbed after a thorough investigation.

“The suspect could be linked to other murder cases that were reported in the area. Preliminary investigation has revealed that the suspect has previous convictions of assault, theft and fraud of which crimes were committed between 2006 and 2010 in Kanana, Lichtenburg and Polokwane.
“The police urge victims of crime that occurred at various shafts in Orkney to contact Colonel Ditiro Makaudi on 082 568 2375 or Captain Alec Lebodi on 082 338 1076,” he said.


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One thought on “A man arrested for murder in Orkney

  1. This is arm of the law at its best taking course..I am thrilled my friend is resting in peace now as we speak and hopefully he won’t get bail


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