SANCO call on police to clamp down on Mavuso sex stokvels

The South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) on Saturday called on police to clamp down on Mavuso sex stokvels that are destroying the lives of young girls around Pretoria townships and Hammanskraal areas.  
“We call on communities to unite against the phenomenon in order to reclaim our youth from being corrupted by syndicates that are destroying the lives and future prospects of young girls through human trafficking, prostitution and drugs,” highlighted SANCO National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu in reacting to a Pretoria News report that an unknown woman that attended the stokvel on Tuesday in Mabopane died in a 29-year old man’s bed in Soshanguve.
The prevalence of the sex stokvels were recently condemned by President Jacob Zuma who said women and girls needed to be protected from them.
“We cannot and should not subject our children to this abuse and danger,” Zuma said during Youth Day celebrations in Soweto.
Echoing his condemnation, Mahlangu said that underage drinking,coupled with sex-for-sale and the sugar-daddy syndrome promoted at the infamous stokvels contribute to learner drop outs,increased teenage pregnancies as well as the spread of HIV and Aids.
“We cannot afford to lose a whole generation of future leaders to those who are exploiting their situation to satisfy their greed and lust.We have to wage a relentless war and pull up all the stops to save our youth from destruction,”he stressed.
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