‘Vryburg creche receives blankets and heaters’


THE North West tourism department joined hands with the Naledi local municipality and Taung Hotel School and Convention Centre to donate blankets and heaters to a crèche in Vryburg.

The three entities handed over the goods to Mmabana Merriam Dikole early childhood development in Vryburg’s Huhuding location on Wednesday.

Tourism head of department, Advocate Neo Sephoti said: “We know the importance of raising better children. There are dynamics that need to be applied. We need to spruce our children from the early childhood.

“We took time to engage with the children and teach them their rights. We advised them how to behave amongst other children and avoid bullying. Most children record what is happening around them, and grow with it,” Sephoti said.

She further indicated that all the donations were organized by tourism department employees.

Sephoti used the opportunity to urge community members to contribute to the learning of the children.

“I want to challenge community members to be part of the outreach programmes. We need to raise our children in the equitable manner. As adults or parents, let’s not send our children to buy alcohol. By so doing, we instil the erroneous mindset in them.

“They will think that indulging in alcohol is proper. Also stop fighting in front of them. Introducing them to multiply partners as parents is also off beam. They will adopt that and think is the right thing,” she said.

The head of department also encourage parents to always monitor their children’s movements saying many kids get raped and abused because some parents were negligent.

“We will come back to donate books. Today was only the beginning. We will change the lives of those needy children and develop a wonderful society,” Sephoti said.

Mmabana Mirriam Sekole early childhood principal, Poiho Mangcotywa said she started working at the crèche back in 1987.

To date, the crèche has produced community leaders.

“This crèche was established back in 1987. We have produced people like NCOP chairperson, Thandi Modise, ANC provincial chief whip, Hoffman Galeng and the former MEC, Dankie Afrika.

“We are so grateful to receive donations. We also appreciate the support we get from social development department. However we have seven employees so far and the stipend we get is too little. We also urge the community members to assist to avoid break-ins at the crèche,” Mangcotywa said.


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