MEC urges youth to stay away from drugs

MEC Dr Mpho Motlhabane

MEC for community safety and transport management, Dr Mpho Motlhabane urged the young people in North West to stay away from alcohol and drugs. Dr Motlhabane said the youth must emulate the Class of ’76.

“During this day, we must all remember and understand that it was a Bloody Day. The day should be treated with the necessary honour, respect it deserves. We need to commemorate it in a dignified manner. We should not celebrate it through braaivleis and indulging in alcohol.

“Today’s young people have a heap of challenges that they need to deal with in their daily lives. However, a very solid foundation has been laid for them. The doors of learning have been opened. And now the future is in their hands,” he said.

Dr Motlhabane said the #feesmustfall campaign was led by young people in various institution of higher learning. He added that the government embraces and working very hard to attend to the matter.

“Our future leaders are now ravaged by drugs which are available at every corner of the community even at schools. Young people are committing all sorts of brutality and crime after taking drugs. Some become addicted and others die because of overdose.

“However we want to make a clarion call to all young people. They need to champion and partner with our department to fight these epidemics. We urge them to be committed and come up with initiatives and proposals that will eradicate the drugs,” Motlhabane said.

“We have already established a Provincial Youth Road Safety Structure that is partnering with education and sport development department to educate and deal with the high number of young people who perish on our roads due to speeding.

“Young people need to understand the importance of this day because heroes and heroines sacrificed their lives for us to be where we are today,” Dr Motlhabane said.

He added that in honour of our fallen heroes and heroines, they must all say #beingsafeiscool.


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