ANC welcomes 120 EFF members in N West

anc members

THE ANC in North West welcomed more than 120 members who defected from EFF in Ward 21 in Boitekong, Rustenburg at the weekend.

  The former EFF members were welcomed back by Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) members who spent three days in Bojanala preparing for local government elections.

   ANC provincial secretary, Dakota Legoete said the former EFF members chose to return ANC they believe ANC is the only political party with the interests of the people at heart.

  “Some of the returnees used to be our members before. Among those who returned to their true political home is Elvis Mandlenkomo. He was EFF ward 21 branch chairperson. Also the branch secretary returned to the ANC together with branch executive committee (BEC) members.

“This development is a clear indication of the confidence and trust our people have in the ANC as a leader of society. We warmly welcome everyone who came back home. We trust that they will work with us for the ANC victory in the forthcoming local government elections,” he said.

However, Legoete registered concerns on the recent registration of ANC members as independent candidates in upcoming elections in North West. He said the party is concerned and that measures are being taken to resolve the issue.

“We have realized that there are some challenges that we are faced with regarding councillor candidates’ lists. Some of the nominated people were not chosen by communities. However we will work together with our people and make sure we remove those who were not properly nominated.

“We will also take disciplinary actions against those who forged the lists. We want to urge our people to come forward and raise their concerns. We also request them to vote for ANC in this forthcoming local government election so that we can remove those who were incorrectly elected and replace them,” he said.

Legoete said they will reveal the names of the candidates during the course of this week. He said they are still waiting for the announcement from IEC.

Meanwhile, close to thirty political parties are expected to contest the forthcoming elections on August 3.

IEC in North West said ninety independents candidates have also registered and they will formally announce the names of the candidates on Monday.

Disgruntled former ANC members joined forces and formed the Forum for Service Delivery and registered candidates that will contest in the upcoming elections.

Forum spokesperson in the Rustenburg area, Pogiso Bothomane told SABC that: “We were overcome by the processes of the ANC where people who were elected by the community from the ANC processes were removed by the flawed Bojanala regional conferences. We then registered as the Forum 4 Service Delivery. We are contesting the elections on the August 3 we are contesting all the 45 wards.”


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