Minnie Dlamini

IT SEEMS TV presenter, Minnie Dlamini, may be biting off more than she can chew!

Sunday Sun has learnt she allegedly rocked up late to host the E! Red Carpet Samas show at the recent South African Music Awards, which were held at the Durban ICC, in KZN.

According to sources, Minnie, who was presenting with
award-winning presenter Katlego Maboe couldn’t get out of her Nedbank Ke Yona Challenge commitment.

A source on the production team claimed they were left in a panic.

The source said Minnie was supposed to report for duty on Friday for rehearsals, but didn’t.

The source claimed the SABC refused to release her, and that she only informed the E! Red Carpet Samas production team on Friday.

“On Friday we were supposed to have an
on-site briefing at the Durban ICC.

“That’s when we found out she was still in Jozi, working,” claimed the source.

The source said they hoped they’d rehearse on Saturday morning at 11am, but Minnie was still in Jozi shooting for the Nedbank Ke Yona Challenge.

The source said Katlego and the Tanzanian presenter were frustrated because they weren’t able to rehearse.

“Most of the links that were supposed to have been shot earlier in the day couldn’t be done because the script revolved mainly around Minnie and Katlego.

“The quality of the production was compromised as Minnie was supposed to do the main hosting,” the source said.

The source said the former Live presenter finally arrived two hours into the red carpet show.

“She was supposed to be ready by 4.30pm, but only arrived after 6pm.

“Katlego had already done most of the celebrity interviews and the stage that was set up for Minnie was left all empty,” said the source.

The source said when Minnie arrived, some celebrities were called back to do interviews with her.

The mole said Minnie knew she had the Nedbank gig and should have said no to the show.

Minnie said: “People are being spicey. I was on time.”

Account manager for Clock Media, who was responsible for the show’s production, Magan Manners, said: “I can’t comment on that.”

Neither Nedbank nor Katlego Maboe were available for comment last week at the time of going to print.

Source: http://www.sundaysun.co.za



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