Cop accused of killing a teacher, shot self



A 35 year-old police officer who was accused of killing a teacher, committed suicide. Jeremiah Qangasi was arrested after he allegedly shot dead a teacher last week.

He found his girlfriend in bed with a 26 year-old teacher at Tlhabologang location in Colign.

Qangasi allegedly pulled out a gun and shot the teacher dead. He was arrested and appeared before Colign Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

North West police spokesperson, Captain Paul Ramaloko said Qangasi grabbed a firearm of his colleague and shot himself. He added that the police officer died instantly on the scene.

“The incident happened at the station’s Client Service Centre after Qangasi’s court appearance at Colign Magistrate’s Court.  He was being processed through the police books in the Client Service Centre when he snatched a colleague’s firearm. He appeared before court for a murder case. His case was postponed until December 7 and was remanded in custody.


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