Dog feeds on foetus, Pampierstad woman gets arrested



A 22 year-old girl briefly appeared before Pampierstad Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday for concealment of birth. The community members watched in disbelief after a dog was allegedly feeding on a human flesh.

The incident took place at Pampierstad on Sunday morning. One of the community members said: “We were staggered after we saw a dog feeding on what looked like a human flesh. It was later realised that the dog was feeding on a foetus. Police were called and took away the foetus to use it as part of their evidence.”

Northern Cape police said a 22 year-old woman was arrested after preliminary investigations.

Provincial police spokesperson, Lieutenant Sergio Kock said: “Police are investigating a case of concealment of birth. This came about after a 22 year-old mother was arrested. It is allege that she concealed the birth of her baby. The suspect has been arrested and appeared before court.”

According to information, the woman allegedly buried the foetus in a shallow grave. The dog dug it up and fed on it.

Positive Youth of Taung organisation, chairperson Phemelo Mohutsiwa said: “We urge all women out there to seek for assistance from various organisations. The unwanted pregnancy can be dealt with in a proper manner. If one does not want a baby anymore, she can put up the baby for adoption. Killing the baby or throwing it away will only fashion unprecedented feeling for you. We need to stand up and make sure we take sober decisions. There are many institutions one can visit if encountering any challenges.”


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