Two killed and six injured in collision

Two people died and six others injured in a collision between a bakkie and a car on the N12. The accident took place 5km outside Kimberley late last night.

ER24 paramedics and other services arrived on scene and found the vehicles in the veld on either side of the road.  

One person was trapped in the bakkie and other patients were found scattered around the scene.

ER24 spokesperson, Chitra Bodasing said: “The person trapped in the vehicle was assessed. Sadly there was nothing that could be done for him. He had succumbed to his injuries.

“A woman, who was an occupant of the car, was found laying in the veld a few metres away from the vehicle,” Bodasing said.

She said the patient sadly had also succumbed to her injuries.

“Upon assessment of all other patients, it was found that one adult was in a critical condition, another sustained moderate injuries and four children sustained moderate to serious injuries.

“They were treated and transported to hospital for further medical care. The exact cause of the collision is unknown,” she said.

Authorities were on scene for further investigations.
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