Two women bust for dealing with dagga in Kimberley


By Obakeng Maje

Kimberley- Northern Cape police are investigating a case of possession of Dagga after two women aged 33 and 42 respectively were arrested yesterday at 18:15 on Boshoff Road with Dagga. 

“The taxi was travelling from Kwa-Zulu Natal en route to Kimberley” Liutenant Sergio Kock said.

“After receiving information the K9 unit and Kimberley Crime Prevention followed the Toyota Quantum that they travelled in and when it reached 10km outside Kimberley they stopped and searched the taxi” Kock said. 

While they were searching the luggage they came across two suitcases full of variety of Dagga and the police arrested the two women who were alleged owners.

The Dagga has a street value of R232 000,00 and weighs 45,25kg.


The suspects will be appearing before the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court soon. 


2 thoughts on “Two women bust for dealing with dagga in Kimberley

  1. Where did you get that figure from? R232,000! you have to be joking, i really wish that people could catch a wake-up. I don’t smoke, i don’t deal, however i can get pharmaceutical drugs scheduled in with class a drugs the likes of Heroin, without a prescription at about R20 a piece.

    Seriously, the rational people have and this not only in S.A but globally is a honestly gut renting thought. On a side note, there is the all to familiar “Gate Way” argument, and i just want to say this, I smoked a lot when i was younger, did it make me any less determined in life, or even despondent?….. Not in the least, i am very successful, loving and clear headed with an above average IQ.

    So why am i not a wash out, train wrecked, wasted youth… Ill tell you why, because arguments like the ones that surround Weed, are normally because of bad parenting. Don’t blame youth, blame yourselves for doing a poor job, and by that i mean that instead of honestly doing your research, and being a parent (which mind you really isn’t a vague job description), you criticize, summer rise and discriminate against that you know nothing of.

    So yes i feel terribly sorry for these woman that are now going to be placed in a prison system of which is the third largest in the world. They won’t get any benefit from this experience, their opportunity in life will only decrease even more that it evidently already is, and who’s at the forefront of this cause, not these officers, yes they play a part but the roots of a legislation stems a lot deeper than these petty little she eps of justice.

    where do we draw the line? A 15 year old kid discovered a more efficient way to diagnose cancer this week, its so revolutionary that the industry is seeing a 99% accuracy test that is 26000 times more cost effective and no that wasn’t a typo. But this week in news we have two woman, that have been arrested for the very cure of the disease a 15 year old boy is trying to diagnose in a more effective manner.

    It says a lot of the last generation in comparison to generation X, but what do i know i guess I’m also just a young adult that knows nothing, i mean thats why I’m employed to give substantial solutions to a multi Billion company.

    Wake up, educate yourselves, i did, that was my job as a young mind growing up for a vast and intriguing world and life that laid before me.

    You as a parent, a citizen and a human being, have the capacity to actually result to something, and even if you don’t at least have the decency to show appreciation to the damn talents you have, and do yourself the favor to educate and expand your mind. Weed, is not a threat it isn’t now its never been, and it never ever will be.

    This isn’t some conspiracy theory or Religion Vs Science debate. These are facts. Hard, undisputed, truth of a specie of flora, that can eradicate disease, revolutionize the industrial sectors, as well as create work for people like these two woman, purely by making use of its fibres. Not smoking it, or ingesting it, just by using its fibres, that have more that 47000!!!!!!! uses.

    So next time you walk into your local pharmacy, stop and ask yourself, what you are really doing, and if your downers mommy dearest are starting to disappear, remember what you just read, and deal with the fact that your child is now in a darker realm than what a joint would have ever put him or her in…..


  2. We rely on normal people to supply us with cannabis because there is no alternative. These people who have no alternative income risk their lives for us everyday are seen as criminal are jailed with real criminals without a thought. Cannabis dealers are as much criminals as vegetable and fruit vendors on every other street corner. We are human too.

    Please do take note the smiles and the straight concerned faces. How just is it to lock up two old ladies with hardened criminals. If you can justify this you are the type of person who believes Oscar Pistorius made a mistake and shouldn’t receive the same punishment as a murderer. The sad fact is while Oscar might get by with a slap on the wrist even more innocent people are locked up with hardened criminals not only dealers but users as well. This is unjust.


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